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We highly appreciate any donations made with Paypal, Teaming or directly to our Bank account ES83 1491 0001 2830 0013 7167

We are a charity that relies on donations to enable us to clean , educate and inspire the change for a plastic free island. We are all volunteers, any donations received is used directly for beach cleaning materials and to be able to give free single use alternatives to the locals on the island.

Our mission is to be able to provide a glass or stainless steel water bottle to every school child on the island to reduce the huge amount of plastic bottles used every day here on the island.

We plan to use upcycled glass and wetsuit material to design a water bottle to last without using any more materials , with a message and our logo on.

You can donate direct into our bank account


ES83 1491 0001 2830 0013 7167


or via Teaming


or via paypal



Any amount would be appreciated , help us make a difference


Thanks in advance


Oceans4Life Gran Canaria

registered charity number G76349570 


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