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Get involved in protecting our oceans!

Oceans4Life is dedicated to preserving the cleanliness of our beaches and ocean by reducing plastic and pollution on the island. We are convinced that everyone—individuals, schools, companies, and organizations—must contribute to this effort. Each of us taking small actions can produce significant results. Together, we aim to establish a cleaner, healthier environment for our community and future generations.


At Oceans4Life we are always looking for people to help out in all of our tasks and events. Whether you only have a few spare hours a week or have more time to spare there is a range of ways that you can contribute and help to the cause of keeping Gran Canaria plastic free.  

Artists, photographers, filmmakers, students, store owners, business owners, multilinguals, graphic designers, web designers, events organisers, children, teachers, grandmas and grandads, dogs, ANYONE is welcome to come and join Oceans4Life.

🇪🇸¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS! A todos éstos c

This is the perfect option for those who are very keen to help but only have a  spare day a month. Everyone is welcome to come and join a beach clean. The more people to join a beach clean the more helping hands and the cleaner the beach. Check our Facebook events or Instagram.



If you are passionate about inspiring the future generations to be our eco heroes for their environment. We organise an education programme  every month  so we are always in need for an extra pair of hands (and voices - for the robot) to come and help with the kids. You will be required to first go as an assistant and if in the future you will like to be a presenter then we provide training. 


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If you are really passionate about the cause of Oceans4Life but none of the previous options really interest you, do not worry, we have plenty of projects on the side needing someone to take charge of them. If you have any  interesting ideas of your own about what you could do then contact us directly.



Join our growing list of business partners committed to reducing their impact on the oceans by reducing their plastic footprint.

Whether you want to ditch the straw, stop giving take away polystyrene containers or handing out plastic bags there are a large number of ways for you to make a change

If helping to keep Gran Canaria plastic free  is something your business would like to be part of, then hesitate no more and contact us, we will do our best to help you make the switch and will promote your business on our website and social media


"Be the change you want to see in the world" a great phrase by Mahatma Ghandi with lots of truth in it. If we want to advocate towards plastic free oceans it is important to first start by making change ourselves.

 More than 50% of all the plastic found on the oceans at the moment come from single-use plastics. Most of these items, such as plastic bags are only used for 11 minutes and will last in our oceans for hundreds of years, where they will harm and pollute all life in it, including us.

Therefore, switching these single-use plastics for reusable or biodegradable alternatives will help make a big difference towards combating plastic pollution. 

However,  not only is it important  for us to try and make this change ourselves,  we can take a step further to tackle plastic pollution by talking to your family and friends about this issue and being vocal about it on social media. 



So what can I use instead of single-use items you may wonder. Well, at Oceans4Life we aim to make this transition easy for everyone by providing as much information as possible on what items there are available to replace single-use plastic ones and where are you able to purchase them. 

discover Some of our favorite shops


Agüita is a company based in Lanzarote that provides stainless steel water bottles using 60% recycled materials to both individuals and businesses, to avoid the millions of water bottles that get used and thrown in the islands. 

EcoAlpispa Canarias.png

EcoAlpispa is a company set up in Tenerife that provides beeswax wraps all across the Canaries to use as an alternative to plastic cling film

Maybeez Canarias.png

Maybeez is a company that creates natural and organic cosmetic products using its own ingredients grown in La Gomera. They make organic shampoo bars and soaps to safe hundreds of gel and shampoo bottles from being thrown away each year.

Canarias Verde a Granel.png

Canarias Verde a Granel is a Spanish franchise that has opened a branch in the city of Las Palmas. They provide organic household cleaning products in bulk as well as hygienic products, allowing us this way to keep reusing our plastic bottle container.

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