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Trash Trackers Gran Canaria

The Trash Trackers program aims to protect the beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria. We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help us cleaning up the coastline and collecting data using a Marine debris app, which will aid scientists in monitoring the pollution levels of the island.


Trash Trackers is a volunteering program we introduced in September 2023 to commemorate World Oceans Day, This initiative aims to encouraging locals and residents to clean up a beach in Gran Canaria on a weekly basis, and to input data on the collected waste into a Marine debris app powered by National Geographic.

Who can join the Trash Trackers program? 

Oceans4Life invites all residents and locals of Gran Canaria to join this program and to take collective responsibility for the preservation of the beaches. Whether you're a student, professional, retiree, or a employee group, everyone is urged to join. Take part alone or with friends and family to make the experience even better. Let's come together to protect our beaches and oceans for the benefit of future generations!

HOW can I join the Trash Trackers program? 

As a member of the Trash Tracker team, you can make a difference by cleaning up one beach every week. This will help to keep our coastlines clean and healthy. To get started, follow these simple steps:

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step 1 

To join the program, please fill out the Trash Trash Volunteer form. You'll need to share your contact information, the beach location in Gran Canaria you plan to clean, the cleanup frequency, your T-shirt size, and the required equipment list. 

step 2 

We will review your information and get back to you within 1 week or less. Once you're enrolled, we'll send you a kit that may include: 

  • An official Trash Trackers t-shirt and cap

  • Litter pickers

  • Gloves

  • Bags

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step 3 

Download the Marine Debris app by National Geographic and use it to record your collections. This will help scientists monitor and analyze plastic pollution levels on the island. This will help scientists monitor and analyze plastic pollution levels on the island.

Our committed team of volunteers will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.


Discover the locations where Trash Tracker volunteers are actively cleaning beaches in Gran Canaria. Our volunteers are currently active on over 25 beaches across the island, including the main beaches of Gran Canaria. Take a look at the map for further details! Interested in joining our volunteer network? Fill the Trash Trackers Volunteer form or contact us to connect with our Trash Trackers and assist them in their beach cleanup.

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