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Exciting news ahead! We're preparing to introduce our Eco2 Tours – personalized expeditions to discover the eco-sustainable treasures scattered across our stunning island. Imagine this: nature adventures, cultural immersions, daring escapades, and stunning sunset serenades. What's even better? A portion of the proceeds will support our Oceans4life education program. But that's not all! Our Eco2 Tours are more than just trips; they're experiences designed for you to:

  • 🌿 Escape the Crowds: Bid farewell to the usual tourist spots and delve into Gran Canaria's hidden treasures.

  • 🌍 Immerse in Culture: Explore the Canarian cultural tapestry, benefiting local communities as you absorb the heritage.

  • 🤝 Connect Locally: Engage with Gran Canaria's eco-champions, the fantastic local figures offering sustainable alternatives.

  • 🌱 Join the Movement: Become part of the change! Learn to minimise your ecological footprint while traveling.

As if that's not appealing enough, our tours are proudly plastic-free.

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