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Education Programs

The next generation of children and youngsters are the key to solving the issue of the overuse of plastic. We educate the children by teaching them alternatives to single use plastic. They learn the skills of upcycling and the best solutions to help reduce their usage.

We started our education programme in both Spanish and International schools, colleges and the University of Las Palmas. We have reached over 30 schools across the island raising awareness to thousands of children and inspiring them to be an Eco Hero

As part of our school educational program we have taught children about the importance of healthy oceans and how plastic pollution negatively affects the creatures that depend upon it, including us.​

Our lesson plan is designed to encourage students to think about ways that they can change their behaviour to reduce their use of plastics and teach how to dispose of plastic properly to prevent it from entering our oceans by recycling and not littering. 
Our education sessions range from 1-hour classroom lessons, to 2 day workshop on plastics with 1 day giving a talk followed by an arts and craft session and the other doing a beach clean. Not only this, but given the diversity of our Education Team we are able to run our education sessions in English, German or Spanish!  

What we provide



 With a theme on becoming an ECO HERO and raising awareness of recycling, reducing and re using for the future. Each presentation lasts 45-60 mins. They are interactive, entertaining and adjusted to suit all age groups.

Interested in arranging an event at a school?

We travel all over Gran Canaria. If you would like to organize an activity at your school, click below to fill the School Sign-Up form. 

Thank you to all the organizations that have been involved in our education program!

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