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Education Programmes

Children are the key to solving the issue of the overuse of plastic. At Oceans4Life we want to inspire the next generations to become eco heroes of their community and world.

As part of our school educational program we have taught children about the importance of healthy oceans and how plastic pollution negatively affects the creatures that depend upon it, including us.

Our lesson plan is designed to encourage students to think about ways that they can change their behaviour to reduce their use of plastics and teach how to dispose of plastic properly to prevent it from entering our oceans by recycling and not littering. 


We talk to kids about plastic pollution and recycling. Sometimes even Captain Fantastic, our very own plastic hero, comes over for a visit


We organise sessions were kids upcycle old materials into new useful ones. For instance kids decorated their own pillowcases to use them instead of plastic bags to collect trash on a beach clean 


We  host beach cleans with schools so children can witness first hand the extent of the plastic pollution problem

Our education sessions range from 1-hour classroom lessons, to 2 day workshop on plastics with 1 day giving a talk followed by an arts and craft session and the other doing a beach clean. Not only this,  but given the diversity of our Education Team we are able to run our education sessions in English, German or Spanish!  

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If you'd like Oceans4Life to give a talk at your school, community group, surf club or university, please get in touch with us. 

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