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Plastics have become an essential part of our everyday life. We can find it in product packaging, clothing, cosmetics, construction materials... 

Plastic has become so important, that its production rates have increased dramatically in the last years. So much that only in the last decade we have produced more plastic than in the whole of the last century

In fact it's predicted that by 2020 plastic production rates will reach 500 million tonnes per year, that is 900% more than in the 1980s.  

Every year 

8 million tonnes

of plastic gets dumped into the ocean

Spain is the

number 4 

largest consumer of plastic in Europe



In Spain

180 plastic bags

are used per person per year

At Oceans4Life we are trying to reduce the impact plastics have on the oceans and our health. Click to find out what we do and how to get involved

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