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Oceans4Life is a non-profit organization located in Gran Canaria that is dedicated to decreasing plastic and waste on our beaches. We engage individuals, schools, and businesses in our crucial initiatives to safeguard our oceans by organizing beach cleanups, workshops, and awareness campaigns, as well as advocating for sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic. Discover how you can support us in preserving the marine ecosystems of Gran Canaria for a more sustainable future.

Why do we need to protect our oceans?

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Climate Regulation

The ocean, covering 70% of the Earth's surface, plays a crucial role in regulating our climate and weather patterns by transporting heat from the equator to the poles.

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Source of Oxygen

The ocean is responsible for supplying half of the Earth's oxygen, supporting every other breath we take.


Drinkable Water

Oceans are essential in the Earth's water cycle, crucial for providing drinkable water.



The ocean is a source of many medicinal products, including ingredients that aid in combating cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease.

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In Spain, over 50% of exports and 80% of imports are transported by sea, making the ocean a vital means of transport for essential products such as energy, agricultural, and manufacturing goods.

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The ocean offers unique recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, diving, and whale watching, making Gran Canaria an excellent location for enjoyment.



Beyond seafood, the ocean provides ingredients found in unexpected foods like peanut butter and soymilk.

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Oceans significantly contribute to sectors such as fisheries and tourism, playing a vital role in the Spanish economy, with the maritime sector accounting for approximately 20% of Spain's GDP.

Oceans play a crucial role in supporting life on Earth. However, they are currently facing significant threats, with waste and plastic pollution being one of the major issues. This pollution stems from various factors including mass tourism, coastal development, and insufficient waste management infrastructure. To address these challenges, we have established Oceans4Life, an initiative aimed at raising environmental awareness and providing effective solutions for safeguarding the beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria.

How can I support OCEANS4Life to protect the oceans?

Ocean Conservation Program

Join our Programs

Whether you are an individual, a company or a school, you can support us in all our activities and make a change.

Trash Tracker materials

Donate Today

Make a donation to support our educational programs and beach cleanup events. 

Oceans4Life Volunteers

Get Involved

Join an international team of volunteers to preserve the oceans and to raise awareness.

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