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Ever since our first beach clean organised in Playa del Cabrón in March 2018 where we collected more than 120kg of trash from both under the sea and the beach, we have done our best to remove trash from as many beaches as possible in Gran Canaria.

Not only have we attempted to do this on land but also underwater.  In 2018 we have taken part in:

  • 14 beach cleans

  • 3 underwater seabed cleans

  • 2 plogging events (cleaning while jogging)

  • 1 mountain clean 


Most of these which have been carried out in some

 of the island's most iconic and emblematic places.



However, we know that none of this would have been possible without the help of all the incredible people who volunteer their time to go on beach cleans and all the partner organisations that have collaborated with us.


Be it by running events with us, providing fabric bags to carry trash or simply by donating pizza to keep our spirits up during beach cleans, the community around us have been essential in fueling our efforts to keep Gran Canaria plastic free

We would also like to give a special thanks to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria for supporting us by granting us permits to clean the beach. providing us with water and equipment and insurance for all of the volunteers who turn up.  

If you're interested, then do not hesitate any longer and JOIN A BEACH CLEAN!

It's real easy and a lot of fun.


All you need is a lot of enthusiasm, comfortable clothing, plenty of sun-cream and water, and your bathing suit if you fancy taking a dip in the sea afterwards.


We will provide all the rest, such as the material needed for cleaning the beach and whenever possible we will provide water and nibbles and lifts for those who can't make it on their own :) 

To find out when our next beach clean will be check our Events page on facebook.

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