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We are only just beginning to understand the repercussions of today’s throwaway society and its impact on the environment and human health. If we continue this way, it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

At Oceans4Life we believe businesses of all sizes have an important role to play in changing the ‘norm’,  and the tide is already turning.


For many businesses, single-use plastic is easily avoidable, but due to lack of information we often struggle to see this. There are plenty of simple reusable substitutions that can both eliminate the plastic you use in your business and the plastic you provide to customers. 

Want to make sure your business does its part?

Feel free to Contact Us and find out how your organisation can reduce plastic waste  


 Using less plastic in your business help tackle the ocean plastic crisis but it will also help to enhance your brand reputation and attract Eco-friendly customers


Additionally, switching to reusable alternatives can help businesses save money by saving them from frequently buying and replacing single-use items.

Take the lead and start reducing your plastic footprint today, and win your Oceans4Life "Comprometidos con nuestros Océanos" Certificate.


Businesses all over Gran Canaria have already started to make a change, be the next one.

Because we know that alternatives to Single Use Plastic are often difficult to find in Gran Canaria, at Oceans4Life we aim to make this job easier for businesses owners by providing some of these products ourselves. 


So far we are the providers of Biodegradable and Reusable Straws to several establishments around the island. If you are interested in purchasing these and want to find out about prices just send us an E-mail 

At the moment we are also working on producing a document with a full and comprehensive list of all the alternatives to single use plastic that are available in Gran Canaria with details of where and how to purchase them.  Keep posted for when it comes up!

Additionally, if you feel you have been making some progress towards reducing plastic in your business and have already switched a single use plastic product to a reusable or degradable one, just send us an E-mail and will put you up on our list of businesses tackling plastic pollution!

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